Covid-19: Our Operations

As we reckon that the Covid-19 pandemic is not going to return our lives to normal anytime soon and the persistent need for a cooperative and non-complacent attitude of people around the world to fight and regain our freedom of life, RXM global operations will continue to function and provide full supports to all our clients, investors and associates during this restrictive period.

With the current lockdowns and the gradual and cautious reopening of the economies around the globe, our operations are continuing to operate from home until further advised by local authorities. All our main telephone lines have been redirected to our mobile phones and we shall continue to serve and deliver our services via technological platforms such as Whatsapp messages, email, phone call, Skype and zoom conferences.

No matter how demanding and disruptive the pandemic is causing us, we will strive to deliver our usual high standard of services. And we believe that we will only emerge stronger at the very end of this battle of the unknown.


God bless and stay safe!

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