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Arbitrator Appointment

1) Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution without the need for litigation. It is commonly known as ADR.

2) The advantage of ADR is its privacy where the hearing is conducted in a private setting and not appear in public record.

3) Additionally, an award ruled in one jurisdiction can be enforced in member countries of the New York Convention that eliminates the need to re-litigate in another country in cross-border disputes.

4) Arbitration process: Commencement of Arbitration -> Interim Stage -> Merits Hearing -> Award & Enforcement.

5) Comprehensive international and local arbitration rules such as ICC rules and UNCITRAL Modal law, Singapore SIAC rules and Malaysia AIAC rules (replaced KLRCA rules in 2018), among others.

6) Our arbitration focuses on corporate finance matters such as disputes arising from capital investments including bond instruments, merger & acquisition, shareholders' dispute, and business valuation etc.


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