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Re-posted: 23 Dec 2023

Ref: 2006/02/LCT

A Singapore company of more than 33 years specialising in network infrastructure and data centre services has been granted government funding for the prototyping of liquid film cooling technology to reduce heat emission from the servers.

The portfolio of patented and patent-pending technology solves the following problems faced by servers and data centres:

1) Effective reduction of heat produced by servers running 24/7.
2) Eliminate the ownership, maintenance and energy costs arising from the use of air-conditioning.

3) Reduce the need for more white spaces between servers, racks, walls, ceiling and floor to ensure proper ventilation.
4) Reduce the cost of larger space (floor area) to house the needed number of servers and racks.

Growth Directions:

1) Following the completion of the prototyping, the company is now seeking USD5m debt/equity financing to engage in sales, marketing and production activities and to enable the company to dominate the cooling market for data centre services.

2) It will expand to several geographical locations via inorganic M&A routes.

3) And will be planning for IPO to further expand its market reach to create higher shareholders' value.


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Re-posted: 23 Dec 2023

Ref: 2210/03/MBO

A Singapore company incorporated in 1997 serving the MICE industry providing services in the consultancy, production, and management of exhibitions, events, interior renovation, theme parks, and sports logistics.

The company is currently being placed under judicial management and the ex-management team is seeking a buyout to turn the company around to profitability and enable exponential growth toward intellectual property-centric services such as themed carnivals designed under IP licensing rights.

Growth Directions:

1) A new start-up incorporated in Feb 2023 by the ex-management team to take control of selected distressed entities has already recorded close to SGD2m in revenue in less than a year.

2) The company expects to double its organic and new sales in the next financial year. A pipeline of projects from the distressed entities is readily available for execution following the completion of the buyout.

3) The company is now seeking USD5m debt/equity financing to support many projects that the company has been turning away due to a lack of working capital and to make strategic M&A purchases.

4) The new management is expecting the restructured company to enjoy revenue growth of more than SGD80m by the 5th year through IP experiential businesses and list the company on the stock exchange to unlock value for investors and use more funds for further consolidated growth.


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Posted: 2 May 2024

Ref: 2312/213/XTE

A US company founded in January 2019 with a wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary responsible for R&D has developed a patented technology that enables it to develop service robots for virtually any industry in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional service robots.

The company has created an extensive portfolio of patented and patent-pending technology, including: a) a robot “brain” that can operate completely offline without needing to connect to the internet; and b) a mobile medication delivery system.

The service robots currently available in the market are designed to provide mission-specific,  single-task capability with limited intelligence, resulting in high costs, inflexibility, and built-in obsolescence.

Growth Directions:

1) The company raised USD10m and arranged a further bridging loan for commercialisation in Apr 2024.


2) It is now looking for a $25m Series C to expedite sales and marketing and, most importantly, embark on the next phase of R&D in robotic AI.

3) A formal presentation and discussion with a public medical institution in Singapore is currently underway and it is expected to receive the purchase order from the institution.


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