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21 Oct 2019 - Open

Ref: 1910/01/HPL

The company was founded in 2008 by a team of seasoned industry veterans with more than 150 years of cumulative experience. Its HQ is in Singapore with the R&D Center located in Jerusalem, Israel currently with an in-house staff of 18 and also a Sales & Administrative office in Florida, USA.

Personal and Enterprise digital content collections are growing each day on devices, clouds and social networks. Most consumer content has already migrated to the Cloud and over 80% of Enterprise Content will migrate to a Cloud by 2025.

Very few comprehensive Cloud Content Management systems have been developed that are available to comprehensively address this need, and without a solution, all devices and cloud contents become vulnerable to data loss and damage.


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1 Apr 2020 - 30 Oct 2020

Ref: 1910/02/EVS

A fleet management company with its Singaporean management team has been in the automotive trade since 1985. The Company exports vehicles to RHD & LHD markets in North- and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia as well as Oceania continent. Being well versed & adapt in vehicle specifications requirements for international markets, such expertise ensures customers compliance for vehicle import regulations. Vehicles exported include Japanese and American vehicles.

The company also has an extensive range of accessories for customization of vehicles. Its forte is in the customization of one-ton pick-ups, where 90% of global supply is assembled & exported from Thailand. The range of accessories include canopies, roll bars, alloy wheels, tyres, front & rear bumper nudge bars, rubber liners, body kits among others.


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21 Oct 2019 - Open

Ref: 1910/03/ACC

A health-tech company based in Singapore incorporated since 2015 developed proprietary technologies to address existing problems in pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical industries:

1) Identifying falsified & substandard ingredients in medicines.
2) Lack of quality control.

3) Non-adherence of a medication regime.
4) Delayed/ incomplete business
intelligence on product movement.

With the use of image analytics, spectroscopy, and blockchain, the company empowers the customers with the following capabilities:

1) Electronic Eyes.

2) Electronic Tracker & Ledger.

3) Electronic Repositories and Permission Dashboard.


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